Welcome to Catch ‘n’ Conserve

Welcome to Catch ‘n’ Conserve. My name is Jim. I have been an avid fisherman and wildlife enthusiast for as long as I can remember. The experience of “going fishing” has always been special to me. I have been fortunate to have gone fishing in many locations and regions in the United States, and to have caught a variety of fish species.

As much as I like fishing, I’m left with a guilty conscience whenever I incidentally injure or kill a fish. Therefore, I began taking measures, such as using barbless and/or circle hooks, fishing pliers, hook removers, landing nets to keep fish wetter longer, and being more conscientious with how I handle fish I catch and release. Although these common-sense conservation measures are widely practiced and promoted by many fishermen and fishing businesses, and are sometimes required in certain waters, I believe we can improve upon the conservation aspect of fishing. Thus, I founded Catch ‘n’ Conserve.

The Catch ‘n’ Conserve forum is a place to share fishing stories, experiences, knowledge, tips, information, questions, concerns, and ideas, along with reviews of fishing gear, baits, lures, tackle, and accessories, regarding catch and release fishing, in a casual, fun environment that is non-judgmental and respectful of each other’s personal choices, opinions and values.

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